Valhallan Security Corp


A Haas-Bioroid subsidiary private security corporation originated from the Scandinavian Union.

They have taken a public security contract for the entire Merseyside County including, amongst other things, law enforcement, detainment services and common justice appliances.
Tyr – Founder and CEO of the corporation who has moved his HQ to Liverpool from Örestad as a consequence of their loss of the public security contract there.
The Valkyries – The bioroid and mech divisions which includes utility units for numerous different appliances.
The Einherjars – The bulk of the enforment task force which is divided into four specialised departments including investigations, patrolling, security and SWAT.
The Norns – The administrative and jurisdictive assets of the corporation.

The Corp refers to all opposing clientel as the Jötnar.

Valhallan Security Corp

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